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    As a company with active and innovation ideas, RUFONG is committed to development and manufacture of digital intelligent high-end wipes production equipment with unique production technology as core, and has obtained several invention patents and utility model patents with independent intellectual property.


    RF series equipment breaks through the traditional process characterized by labor intensive work, achieves the full automatic process with people oriented, and forms intelligent operation functions such as online change of raw material, online inspection and elimination of rejects, intelligent metering and charging, online automatic packing and stacking of finished products, and intelligent storage. It greatly improves production efficiency and fully assures product quality, and has been affirmed by NICEPAK, Meixin, Diamond Wipes, and Doctor Schumacher. RUFONG not only is one of manufacturers with the most complete production lines of wipes, but also a leading enterprise in the Chinese wipes equipment industry.


    At the key stage for industry transformation and upgrading of China, RUFONG will focus on core technical support, lead intelligent transformation of the industry, organize the team to create user demands, and continue to provide product support and technical service for the development of wipes industry.