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    At the critical stage of China's industrial transformation and upgrading, Lufeng Machinery will continue to provide core technical support and lead the transformation of industrial intelligence. The organization team will strive to create user demand value according to customer's suggestions and continue to provide product support and technology for the development of the wet tissue industry. service. With our dissatisfaction, we will always be satisfied with our customers, survive by quality, and develop by service. This is the highest responsibility of all employees of the company.

    With the principle of "service first, quality first, integrity first", we provide customers with quality services and products. Loyalty, efficiency, dedication and innovation are the working concepts of Lufeng Machinery employees. There are talents and talents that can be reused, talented and talented, and useless, talented and talented, and useless. The employees in the organization have high salary, comfortable environment and good development platform. Employee ability directly affects the company's efficiency. In order to improve product quality, enhance enterprise competitiveness, better serve customers, and improve economic efficiency, the company conducts an annual assessment of employees to ensure that production and service activities and products are in line with customer requirements.

    We pursue the maximization of growth at a certain level of profitability. We must achieve and maintain growth rates above the industry average and the growth of key competitors in the industry to enhance the company's dynamism, attract the best talent and achieve the best configuration of the various corporate resources that work with the company. We constantly require ourselves to provide more professional and standardized services to our clients' companies based on the standards of the country.