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The intricate problem emerging, transformed into a new breakthrough opportunity, perhaps we can be like design products, design thinking, for a creative point of view.

The intricate problem emerging, transformed into a new breakthrough opportunity, perhaps we can be like design products, design thinking, for a creative point of view.

Famous American scholar John Gardner had a famous saying: "We have many breakthroughs before opportunities are disguised as unsolvable problems."

With the continuous development of society, regardless of the current business problem or a variety of other organizations, are facing has become very complicated, so before we look at the problem of traditional methods have been insufficient to deal with the complexity of the current problems requires more from angles comprehensive analysis, to find solutions to the problem of breakthrough innovation programs.

How intricate problems emerging, transformed into a new opportunity for a breakthrough? More and more enterprises head, began talking about "design thinking (Design Thinking)", and strive to think like designers, from a higher perspective of a comprehensive grasp of technology, business and human needs, to "design the future" approach "Fortune-telling".

Thinking like the same designer

A thinking tool "design thinking" as emerging in recent years, initially proposed by Stanford University in the United States, quickly was widely welcomed in Silicon Valley. One famous case is Kimberly-Clark Corporation to develop curiosity (Huggies) diapers story.

At the time of the diaper market, the main focus of attention in that diaper products water absorption capacity is strong enough, whether there are excellent anti-side leakage technology, let your baby sleep. Thinking design team has put aside these mindset, start from the most basic research, going close observation of consumers, including parents, health care workers and children.

They found that children growing up, when the child can not require parents to help their own lift pants when mom and dad will marvel say "awesome, my baby grow up!", That is seemingly ordinary, but pass out a very important signal, which means that if a child can lift diapers themselves, the whole family will bring a very positive emotional feedback. So the company quickly produced a new diaper product, which is later "Lara pants," also called "into the trousers."

Results As you would expect, curious successfully defeated the original competitors to become the market leader disposable diapers.

In fact, is not just about product innovation, design thinking can also help companies improve processes and services, DHL Express (DHL) city low-carbon logistics solutions is another interesting example.

DHL raises the problem that "the next 20 years if the city no car, how should continue to express business?"

After a lot of thinking design team observation, interviews, surveys and research, proposed a new solution, the program takes the form of crowdsourcing, so that everyone in the city activity can be added to this process to low-carbon logistics : bike to work the way people shop parcels sent to a transfer station, the store owner would give the package to another person passing running exercise, wrapped and delivered to public transport travelers to reach the final target customers hands. Through a combination of mix and match a variety of low-carbon forms of transport, the completion of the exchange of real goods.

At each transfer package, wrapped in leaves and people will accept the package with a Bluetooth phone exchange electronic token position and the circulation of goods can always be found on the website.

Although this is a solution envisaged, although the maintenance of large logistics, parcel and dispersion polymerization, intercity and logistics aspects of the system, can not be completely ruled out the role of business organizations, but it is demonstrating an exciting prospect.

Creative burst collision

In recent years, design thinking because to effectively promote innovation while being in the world more and more attention to design thinking advocates the methodology summarized as "3P": People, Process, Place, that is, to find the right people, follow certain processes and a specially designed, help to stimulate innovation environment.

Design thinking to promote team members from different professional backgrounds, cultural backgrounds and different departments, author Frans Johansson this phenomenon referred to as "the Medici effect" refers to the Medici family, the sculptor , scientists, poets, architects, and other fields creators concentrated in Florence, their fields staggered agitation, resulting in a large outbreak of creativity, spectacular achievements of the Renaissance.

Typically, design thinking team filled with lawyers, biologists, anthropologists, designers, technicians, we follow the "understanding," "observation", "analysis", "creative", "prototype" and "Test "six steps to focus effectively carry out creative activities.

In the real case, the six-step deduction is not static, but through rapid iteration mutually cornerstone of collusion between the front and rear, a failed prototype design may be for the team to gain valuable feedback and insight, deepen understanding of the issues, so as to create opportunities for the next iteration of the optimization program.

Innovation? Innovation!

According to a recent IBM [microblogging] Experimental investigation of the 1500 CEO showed creativity topped the list in the future, "leadership", and even the conservative British journal "The Economist", recently published an article that "in all modern economies, innovation has been recognized as the most important element. " Innovative companies and organizations capable of functioning health and future development has played a decisive role in promoting industrial innovation, the creation of great wealth.

However, in China, the implementation of innovation in the organization seems to encounter more difficulties, the most important reason is that the Chinese people for thousands of years has been pursuing the traditional concept of the golden rule of winner takes all, people desire to succeed, they refuse to lose, innovation to bear the risks will take a more conservative approach. Especially in today's popular cottage products, cottage company's financial position have a good time, it will be even less incentive to innovate.

But we must also see that as the economy develops and matures, China has become a truly global competitor, cheap goods will no doubt make the profit margins decline, if still rely on the sales price or to compete, then In addition to trying to drive down costs and expand sales outside the company will have no other way out. Therefore, although I have to make innovative changes need to consume a lot of time, space, human resources, but also innovation and risk of failure, but this is the only way for the company's growth and prosperity. In this sense, design thinking is maybe you can give us a hint of bottom search highlights.