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RF-WL60 Folding Type Wet Tissue Production Line





The RF-WL60 double-folding wet tissue production line is composed of WP60 series packaging machine and WF series folding machine. It is suitable for removable wet wipes, cleaning cloths and other open skylight packaging disposable baby skin care and hand mouth cleaning. Production of towels. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

RF-WP60 wet tissue packaging machine machine configuration

Control drive system: simple touch operation, servo and step linkage control

Aperture labeling device: A variety of aperture shapes and sizes can be selected, and the whole process of online synchronous labeling

Bag-making forming device: automatic adjustment of film tension, flexible adjustment of bag width and height

Push rod feeding structure: Wet wipes are placed manually, and the push rod is equidistant to feed materials to keep the cloth film running synchronously

Packaging sealing and cutting device: Taiwan's Lu Feng vertical sealing technology, rotary horizontal sealing design, strong and beautiful sealing

Quality control system: the whole process of equipment operation is monitored, and the troubleshooting is automatically prompted

Safety guarantee system: fixed, movable and enclosed protective devices comply with ISO14120:20021.

RF-WF wet tissue folding machine machine configuration

Control drive system: programmable logic controller (PLC), GOT operation interface, variable frequency drive control

Unwinding and unwinding device: independent unwinding belt drive, running tension can be automatically detected and adjusted

Longitudinal folding device: Various folding can be adjusted, operation operation can be fine-tuned

Quantitative humidification device: 2.5-4 times online uniform humidification, automatic liquid volume adjustment

Stacking counting device: electronic counting, automatic stacking, the number of pieces per pack can be set

Traction half-folding device: adjustable traction tension, double-roller folding is more stable

Disc slitting device: double belts synchronous feeding, disc knife automatic slitting

Whether the RF-WP60 wet tissue packaging machine configuration and the RF-WF wet tissue folding machine configuration are better, you can try


Features of this machine:

1. The operation is safe, reliable, stable, simple and convenient.

2. Easy operation and maintenance, low maintenance rate, simpler, safer and faster adjustment.

3. The most high-end production materials are selected, with high efficiency and energy saving, larger bearing specifications and higher carrying capacity.

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Control system: Multi axis motion controller (PLC) Folding form: Z. V, W, Z + Z, etc
Drive unit: Servo motor Applicable materials: Spunlaced Nonwovens
Operation interface: LCD touch screen Processing capacity: 450-640 samples / min or 20-70 packets / min, the first
Packing method: End seal rotary packaging Raw material size: The outer diameter is Φ 1000mm, and the paper core is Φ 76.2mm
Wipes count: Automatic counting, LCD setting Product size: The length is 130-350mm, the width is 50-120mm, and the thickness is 5-45mm
Flow control: 2.5-4 times line humidification Slitting mode: Stainless steel disc knife
Injection mode: Independent spray of two liquid pipes Counting method: Electronic counting, can be set
Stirring and storing liquid: 600L stainless steel mixing tank Discharging mode: Manual conversion
Liquid level control: Automatic control of electronic detection Opening mode: Synchronous positioning rotary cutting type
Whole machine power: Three phase AC380V 50 / 60Hz 8kw Machine weight: 2000kg
Floor area: 5000mm long x 4300mm wide x 1900mm high (L-shaped) Optional equipment: Date marking machine, stainless steel storage tank
Humidification mode: 100% - 400% wet liquid, automatic adjustment, residual liquid recovery
Development size: length 200 mm / 180 mm / 160 mm / 140 mm x width (150-250) mm
Labeling system: paste the opening volume label synchronously (special note is required for pasting the safety label at the same time)
Size of wipes: length: 100 mm / 90 mm / 80 mm / 70 mm, width (50-100) mm, adjustable

RF-WL60 Folding Type Wet Tissue Production Line