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Rf-WL100 (16)





  Technical Parameters

  Applicable materials:spunlace nonwoven,therbond,degradable non-woven fabrics,wet strength paper etc

  Specification of nonwovens: Max w220x2,$1300mm

  Applicable packing materials: PET/PE BOPP PETIAL/PE and other hot sealable materials

  Film rolling specification: Max wW420mm,$360mm

  Applicable labels: transparent labels & non-transparent labels; Metal labels are optional;

  Folding type: independent extraction.continuous extraction and variedspecial folding types

  size of wet wipes: L 120-280mm w 80-110mmUnfolded size: L 120-280mm W 160-220mm

  Packing size:L 150-330mm w 80-120mm H 10-90mmPower:AC38ov 50/60Hz

  Air source required:0.6-0.8Mpa

  Upgradable Configuration

  Upgrade for tank capacity.

  Upgrade for visuall operation.

  Upgrade for liquid part materials.

  Upgrade for widen products.


  Date coding machine

  Visual inspection system

  Automatic correcting system

  Automatic lid applicator machine

  Metal detector

  Robotic Palletizer

Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
Control system: Multi axis motion controller Applicable base paper: Spunlaced fabrics, hot rolled fabrics, etc
Drive unit: Servo motor Master coil specification: max W210mm,Φ1200mm
Operation interface: LCD touch screen Core shaft diameter: 3”
Packing method: End seal reciprocating packaging Applicable packing materials: PET / PE / BOPP PET / Al / PE and other heat sealing materials
Frequency division detection: The cloth, membrane and standard interface shall be tested respectively Roll film specification: max W420mm,Φ350mm
Automatic connection: Roll film automatic connection, label automatic conversion Number of roll film axis: 2-axis roll film, automatic connection without shutdown, paper core shaft diameter: 3 & quo
Flow control: 2.5-4 times flowmeter measurement and control Applicable label: Transparent paste & amp; non transparent paste
Injection mode: 16 independent spray pipes Label specification: max W100mm,Φ400mm
Stirring and storing liquid: 600L stainless steel mixing tank Fold style: Independent extraction & amp; continuous extraction per stack
Liquid level control: Automatic control of electronic detection Production speed: 60 packs / min & amp; 6000 tablets / min, the first
Size of wipes: L120-220mm; W90-115mm Floor area: L19500mm W3800mm H2100mm
Development size: L120-220mm; W150-330mm Power requirements: AC380V 50/60Hz 20KW
Package size: L150-300mm, W80-120mm, H10-80mm Air source requirements: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Net weight of machine: About 10000kg Optional configuration: Date marking machine, metal on-line detection, automatic capping machine
Number of labeling axes: 2-axis label, automatic conversion without shutdown (can be set as safety sticker)
Number of base paper reels: 16 axis base paper, with each drawing of 2 (the same paper core), 8-axis operation, 8-axis standby automatic connection


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