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RF series WL-F wet wipes production line produces disposable wet wipes for hotels, restaurants and travel. Speed ​​200 packs/minute. It is suitable for dust-free paper, non-woven fabric and other base paper materials. The cloth holder and the film axis are automatically connected, which reduces the time for replacing raw materials and effectively improves work efficiency.

Production line configuration

Control drive system: PLC programmable controller, GOT operation interface, servo motor precision transmission

Unwinding and unwinding device: independent unwinding belt drive, automatic running tension detection and adjustment

Folding traction mechanism: a variety of folding modes can be adjusted, servo traction synchronous conveying

Quantitative humidification system: two sets of spray pipes, uniform humidification in the range of 2.5-4.8 times

Rotary cutting system: synchronous cutting by roller knife, precise cutting length control, flexible and convenient cloth length adjustment

Folding cloth feeding device: The manipulator folds neatly in half, synchronously conveys the wet wipes, and flexibly adjusts the front and rear positions.

Bag forming device: automatic adjustment of film tension, flexible adjustment of bag width and height

Packaging sealing and cutting device: Taiwan's Lu Feng vertical sealing technology, rotary horizontal sealing design, strong and beautiful sealing

Quality control system: the whole process of equipment operation is monitored, and the troubleshooting is automatically prompted

Security system: Fixed, movable, and enclosed protective devices comply with ISO14120:20021.

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Packing form: Flat Floor area: 4500mm×3000mm.
Production speed: 80 ~ 250 bags / min Folding machine: It is 2300mm long, 2500mm wide and 1700mm high
Power requirements: 220V, 50/60HZ, 4kw. Packaging machine: It is 1800mm long, 1000mm wide and 1800mm high
Main motor: 2HP, variable speed inverter Folding machine: It is 2100mm in length, 1500mm in width and 2000mm in height
Base paper material: Dust free paper, nonwoven Packaging machine: It is 2000mm long, 1200mm wide and 2200mm high
Base paper size: Width: 150 mm ~ 270 mm Base paper holder: It is 1100mm long, 1100mm wide and 1350mm high
Core diameter: The inner diameter is 76.2mm and the outer diameter is 1000mm Machine weight: Net weight 2200kg gross weight 2500kg
Packaging film material: CPP, pet, multilayer coating Optional equipment: Date marker stainless steel mixing tank
Product size: 180mm ~ 270mm in length and 180mm ~ 300mm in width
Dimensions after folding: The width is 30mm ~ 60mm, which can be changed
Size of finished bag: It can be adjusted from 110mm to 190mm in length and 40mm-75mm in width

RF-WL-F Monolithic Flat Wipes Production Line

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