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RF-WP60 full servo rotary wet tissue packaging machine





RF series WP60 wet tissue packaging machine is used to pack removable wet tissue paper and 5-30 pieces of cleaning cloth, which is convenient for carrying small packets of wet tissues. This packaging machine is a rotary wet tissue packaging machine independently developed by the company in the early days, with mature technology, stable operation and high yield. The traditional wet tissue packaging process combined with full servo drive is stable and efficient. Stable speed is 80 bags/min.


Advantages of this machine:

1. The product yield is high, the machine technology is mature, and the operation is safe and stable.

2. The most high-end materials are selected to greatly extend the service life.

3, high performance and low cost, it is the first choice for packaging small packages of wet wipes.

Machine configuration

Control drive system: simple touch operation, servo and stepping linkage control

Hole labeling device: a variety of hole shapes and sizes can be selected, the whole process of online synchronous labeling

Bag forming device: automatic adjustment of film tension, flexible adjustment of bag width and height

Push rod feeding structure: Wet wipes are placed manually, and the push rod is equidistant to feed materials to keep the cloth film running synchronously

Packaging sealing and cutting device: Taiwan's Lu Feng vertical sealing technology, rotary horizontal sealing design, strong and beautiful sealing

Quality control system: the whole process of equipment operation is monitored, and the troubleshooting is automatically prompted

Safety assurance system: fixed, movable, and enclosed protection devices comply with ISO14120:20021.

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Control system: Multi axis motion controller Roll diameter: Maximum 350mm
Drive unit: Full servo motor Roll width: The maximum width is 380mm
Operation interface: 5.7 & quo; LCD touch screen End seal form: Rotary end seal
End seal heat sealing: Servo motor Speed control: 40-100 packets / min, servo control
Film rolling and unwinding: Servo motor End seal protection: Torque overload shutdown protection
Push rod feeding: Servo motor Opening system: Synchronous rotary incision
Zhongfeng organization: Double group heat seal Air source requirements: 0.5-0.8Mpa,50L/min
Labeling system: Stepping motor Power requirements: AC220V, 50/60Hz, 4KW
Floor size: L4600mmxW950mmxH2100mm Optional configuration: Date marking machine
Equipment weight: G.W.:1000kg N.W.:850kg
Product size: length: 100-300 mm, width: 50-125mm, height: 5-45mm
Packing size: ①L2200mmxW1080mmxH2250mm ②L3300mmxW450mmxH450mm

RF-WP60 full servo rotary wet tissue packaging machine

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