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The RF series WR150 wet wipe machine is a wet wipe machine that produces disposable wet wipes in barrels for aviation and catering. Based on many years of rich production experience, Lufeng combined with the most advanced design concepts, using non-woven automatic tapping, automatic winding mandrel extraction, LCD touch screen intelligent control and other advanced technology independent research and development.

machine highlights:

1. Two-stage length setting, precise coiling length. When the set length is reached, the dual axis is automatically exchanged.

2. Using high-performance programmable controller, the overall rewinding operation control is extremely simple. Length counting and tension control are LED precise display.

3. The pneumatic paper tube fixing design is adopted, the paper tube is firm, the loading and unloading is simple and fast, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

4. Automatic tail paper smoothing device (optional) to eliminate wrinkles or bubbles after rewinding. Ensure the smoothness of the rewinding product.

5. The pressure wheel is controlled by a cylinder and the pressure level is adjustable. The semi-finished product is properly pressed to ensure that the semi-finished product is extremely smooth and smooth during the rewinding process.

Machine configuration

Control drive system: simple touch screen operation, multi-axis servo control, servo precision transmission

Unwinding and unwinding system: servo-driven unwinding belt, running tension can be automatically detected and adjusted

Slitting traction mechanism: slitting width can be adjusted, traction tension can be finely adjusted

Dotting and cutting mechanism: synchronous rotary cutting with spiral knife, adjustable length of dot cutting

Mandrel rewinding mechanism: the mandrel can be automatically converted in cycles, and the diameter of the rewinding sheet can be adjusted

Blowing and breaking device: auxiliary roll cloth, automatic separation, continuous extraction can be realized

Cloth-breaking cloth-out mechanism: the cloth roll and the mandrel are automatically separated, and the finished cloth rolls are output in turn

Quality control system: reject defective products online, monitor the whole process of equipment operation, and automatically prompt for troubleshooting

Safety guarantee system: Fixed, movable and enclosed protective devices comply with ISO14120: 20021


Automatic correction system MES management system

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Control system: Siemens control system Coil diameter: Maximum 1200mm
Drive unit: Servo motor Slitting material: Stainless steel spiral knife
Operation interface: LCD touch screen Slitting mode: Synchronous rotary cutting
Reel extraction: Automatic extraction Drilling distance: 100-300mm
Nonwoven taps: Automatic tap Roll up control: Servo motor
Applicable materials: Non woven fabric Cutting control: Servo motor
Base weight of base paper: 25-60 g / m2 Rewinding diameter: Maximum 230mm
Paper axis: 3” Operation interface: 8 & amp; LCD
Base paper control: Servo motor Power requirements: 380vAC 50/60Hz 8KW
Unwinding speed: 120 m / min Machine size: L4000XW3200XH2100mm
Width of master roll: 1600mm maximum width Total weight: 4500kg
Air source requirements: pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa, consumption 350L/min