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RF-WF Wet Wipes Folding Machine





RF series WF wet tissue folding machine is used for folding wet tissue paper such as baby wet tissue, industrial wet tissue, kitchen wet tissue, household wet tissue, etc. This equipment can process all kinds of spunlace non-woven fabrics; hot air cloth; hot rolled cloth; needle punched cloth and other products. The whole machine has advanced design concepts, compact structure, fast speed, stable performance, simple operation, and meets the production conditions of sanitary products. The stable production speed can reach 600 pieces/min. It is the first choice for the production of conventional wet wipes.

The performance structure and characteristics of the equipment:

1. The working principle of the equipment: synchronous conveying-automatic folding-uniform humidification-high and low lifting counting-slitting-product output, fully automatic completion.

2. The equipment is equipped with a wide belt synchronous conveying device and two tension control devices to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the folded finished product. Equipped with a positive and negative guide cloth conversion device, which is convenient for production.

3. The equipment is cut with imported knives, which is durable and not easy to generate heat.

4. The transmission parts of the equipment adopt double-piece gears and bevel gears to eliminate gear gaps, with fine processing technology and low noise.

5. The table top of the whole machine and the parts related to the product are all made of 304 stainless steel.

6. ​​The equipment adopts high-quality frequency converter to control speed, and the wiring of electrical parts is standardized, beautiful and easy to operate.

7. The whole machine has compact structure, fast speed, stable performance, simple operation, advanced design concept, and meets the production conditions of sanitary products. It is the first choice for the production of conventional wet wipes.

Machine configuration

Control drive system: programmable logic controller (PLC), GOT operation interface, variable frequency drive control

Unwinding and unwinding device: independent unwinding belt drive, running tension automatic detection and adjustment

Longitudinal folding device: various folding and adjustable, operation and running can be fine-tuned

Quantitative humidification device: 2.5-4 times online uniform humidification, automatic liquid volume adjustment

Stacking counting device: electronic counting, automatic stacking, the number of pieces per pack can be set

Traction folding device: adjustable traction tension, double-roller folding is more stable

Disc slitting device: double belt synchronous feeding, disc knife automatic slitting

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Control system: Programmable controller (PLC) Master coil specification: max W250mm,Φ1100mm
Drive unit: Frequency conversion control Axis number setting: Automatic connection of 2-axis base paper
Operation interface: LCD touch screen Ventilation shaft diameter: 3”
Online detection: Interface inspection of cloth barge Fold style: Z. W et al
Automatic connection: Automatic connection of base paper (optional) Size of wipes: L100mm w50-100 mm (special specifications must be noted)
Wipes count: Automatic counting, LCD setting Development size: L200mm W140-250mm
Flow control: 2.5-4 times line humidification Production speed: 500-600 tablets / min, design 650 tablets / min
Injection mode: Independent spray of two liquid pipes Floor area: L4900mm W1200mm H1500mm
Wipes cut off: Stainless steel disc knife Power requirements: AC380V 50/60Hz 4KW
Protection alarm: Winding fault alarm shutdown Air source requirements: 0.6-0.8Mpa 100L/min
Applicable base paper: Spunlaced fabrics, hot rolled fabrics, etc Net weight of machine: About 2000kg
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