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RF-HP Handbag Packaging Machine





Collective packaging is a new type of packaging developed in the 1950s and a new development of modern transportation packaging. It occupies a very important position in contemporary commodity packaging and transportation. It better protects the quality and quantity of commodities and promotes the standardization of packaging. In the wet wipes industry, the collective packaging is mostly used in supermarkets to promote family-use affordable wet wipes.

The wet wipes collective packaging machine independently developed by Lufeng Machinery adopts the handle bag type packaging, fully considering the market demand, the handle bag type packaging is convenient to carry and saves costs. The packing quantity is 2-6 packs.


1. The equipment design concept is advanced;

2, fully consider the needs of end consumers, high efficiency and energy saving;

3. The whole machine has compact structure, fast speed, stable performance and simple operation.

Machine configuration

Control drive system: simple touch screen operation, multi-axis servo control, servo precision transmission

Material storage and stacking mechanism: independent drive control, double servo cycle stacking, unequal materials

Feeding and pushing mechanism: double push plate reciprocating and cyclic feeding

Bag feeding mechanism: adopts double mechanical arms to cyclically feed, alternately control the overall feeding

Bag-supporting and bagging mechanism: suction and air cylinder work together to ensure smooth and accurate bag-supporting and bagging

Bag feeding and bag suction mechanism: use suction to control the film's compliance on the belt, belt drive to control the linear speed of the film walking

Packaging sealing and cutting device: Taiwan Lufeng longitudinal sealing technology, domestic advanced horizontal sealing technology, the sealing is firm and beautiful

Frequency division detection system: online monitoring and alarm prompts throughout the entire process of delivery, stacking, bagging, sealing and packaging

Quality control system: full monitoring of equipment operation, automatic prompts for troubleshooting, and advance security protection

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Control system: Multi axis motion controller Roll film specification: The film thickness of tube bag is 6-10 wires, Φ 500
Drive unit: Full servo motor Number of packages: 2-6 bags
Operation interface: 8 & amp; LCD touch screen Package size: L150-220mm W95-120mm H30-100mm
End seal heat sealing: Upper and lower sealing servo motor Production speed: 25-35bag/min
Reciprocating end seal: Left and right reciprocating servo motor Floor area: L3700mm W2600mm H2200mm
Film rolling and unwinding: Natural unwinding Power requirements: AC380V 50/60Hz 15KW
Push rod feeding: Servo motor Air source requirements: 0.6-0.8Mpa 200L/min
Opening: Electromagnetic clutch Net weight of machine: 1500kg
Applicable packing materials: Pet / PE BOPP PET / Al / PE and other heat sealing materials


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