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RF-LM80 Lid Applicator Machine





The RF-LM100 independent automatic cap gluing machine is a perfect combination of robotics, visual recognition, and conveyor tracking technologies. The performance of Lufeng's automatic capping machine has reached the world advanced level.

At the same time, this also provides strong technical support for our cost-effective automatic wet wipe production line. The system is in a leading position in China in terms of its labeling accuracy, pasting speed, and adhesion accuracy.

It can complete a series of actions such as automatic glue gun recycling, glue box smoke exhaust, automatic lid removal, labeling, glue application, and lid sticking. At the same time, depending on the model selection when changing lid specifications. Save manpower, thereby reducing labor costs,

And can greatly improve production efficiency and product qualification rate, and enhance the degree of automation. Original imported components, low failure rate, simplified mechanical structure, high rigidity, stable structure and convenient maintenance.

Features of this machine:

1. High precision, high product yield, saving raw materials.

2. It saves manpower and reduces costs. It is a cost-effective product.

3. Original imported components, simplified mechanical structure, high rigidity, stable structure and low failure rate.

Machine configuration

Control and drive system: high-definition LCD touch screen, multi-axis intelligent servo controller, servo motor precision transmission

Automatic grasping mechanism: high-precision manipulator grasping, accurate positioning, low noise and maintenance-free

Manipulator reducer: high precision reducer, high rigidity, low noise and maintenance-free

Automatic cover feeding mechanism: servo-driven pick and place device, accurate position

Automatic labeling device: the whole process of online synchronous labeling, automatic label change without stopping the machine

Visual positioning system: color high-definition camera, precise coordinates, transparent stickers can be used

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Model Electrical System Capacity Dimension
RF一LM100 Siemens 50-70 bags/min 3900*1750*2050mm
RF—LM80 Delta 6o-80 bags/min 3900*1750*2050mm
Speed: 50-70 cells / min. the speed depends on the size and shape of the lid
Repeatability accuracy: 1 mm up and down, 2 mm left and right, related to the color difference and shape of the detected label
Equipment area: 3500mm long and 2000mm wide
Power source: Three phase 380V five wire, capacity: 10KVA
Power supply: No more than 3KW for normal operation and 1.5KW for standby operation
Gas source: Pressure 0.6-0.mpa
Suitable cover size: Length 50-200 mm, width 50-120 mm, height 2-10 mm
Suitable size of wipes: Length 50-300 mm, width 50-200 mm, height 20-120 mm



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