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The RF series BWL40 wet wipe production line produces disposable household cleaning wipes or baby wipes. Companies need to increase production capacity to meet their growing demand, BWL40 is a cost-effective solution. Full-featured servo drive and speed 100 packs/min. The large flailing knife cuts the cloth with a relatively large thickness, and the cloth rack and the film shaft are automatically connected, reducing the time for replacing raw materials and effectively improving work efficiency; online inspection of cloth joints and online removal of the connection interface ensure the quality of the product.

Production line configuration

Control drive system: simple touch screen operation, multi-axis servo control, servo precision transmission

Unwinding and connecting mechanism: independent drive unwinding device, online automatic connection, automatic tension control

Folding traction mechanism: foldable and adjustable, servo traction synchronous conveying

Quantitative humidification system: precise flow meter control, zero recovery of liquid medicine in the whole process

flailing knife cutting system: the large flailing knife is cut synchronously, the cutting length is controlled accurately, and the cloth length adjustment is flexible and convenient

Pressing and stacking device: the manipulator accurately presses the fabric, intelligently controls the stacking neatly

Splitting and feeding mechanism: automatically splitting and conveying to multiple packaging machines, stable operation before and after synchronization

Automatic feeding mechanism: automatically adjust the position of the cloth, keep synchronous and equidistant conveying, avoid material jam

Aperture labeling device: a variety of aperture shapes and sizes can be selected, the whole process of online synchronous labeling, automatic label changing without stopping

Bag-making forming device: automatic adjustment of film tension, flexible adjustment of bag width and height

Packaging sealing and cutting device: Taiwan Lu Feng longitudinal sealing technology, domestic advanced horizontal sealing design, strong and beautiful sealing

Frequency-division detection system: full-process online monitoring and alarming of material joints and defective products

Quality control system: online reject of defective products, full monitoring of equipment operation, automatic prompt for troubleshooting

Safety assurance system: Fixed, movable, and enclosed protective devices comply with ISO14120:20021.


Date marking machine Automatic correction system Metal weighing machine Visual inspection system Robot auxiliary packaging equipment

MES management system

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Control system: Multi axis motion controller Frequency division traction: Two groups of dry towel accumulation traction, two groups of wet towel accumulation traction
Drive unit: Servo motor Automatic connection: Roll film automatic connection, label automatic conversion
Operation interface: 10 & amp; LCD touch screen Frequency division detection: The cloth, membrane and standard interface shall be tested respectively
Wipes cut off: Synchronous large swing knife Flow control: 2.5-4 times flowmeter measurement and control
Packing method: Automatic flow distribution, 2 sets of packaging machines, can be online separately Injection mode: Independent spray of 40 liquid pipes
Paper withdrawal mechanism: 40 sets of withdrawal belts Stirring and storing liquid: Two 1000L stainless steel mixing tanks
Frequency division detection: On line detection of 40 electric eyes Liquid level control: Automatic control of electronic detection
Applicable base paper: Spunlaced fabrics, hot rolled fabrics, etc Fold style: Independent extraction & amp; continuous extraction design
Base paper specification: max W220mm,Φ1400mm Speed: 120 Bags / min & amp; 250 knives / min, the first one
Number of base paper reels: 40 axis base paper, shaft diameter: 3 & rdquo Production speed: 100 bags / min & amp; 200 knives / min, the first
Applicable packing materials: PET / PE & nbsp; BOPP & nbsp; PET / Al / PE and other heat sealing materials Floor area: L40000mm W3500mm H2100mm
Roll film specification: max W420mm,Φ350mm Power requirements: AC380V 50/60Hz 50KW
Number of roll film axis: 2-axis roll film, automatic connection without stopping the machine, shaft diameter: 3 & quo Air source requirements: 0.6-0.8Mpa 500L/min
Applicable label: Transparent paste & amp; non transparent paste Net weight of machine: About 25000kg
Label specification: max W100mm,Φ400mm Optional configuration: Date marking machine metal detector automatic capping machine
Number of labeling axes: 2-axis label, automatic conversion without shutdown (can be set as safety sticker)


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